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Obtain mac address from access point


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Wikipedia knows all.

Basically, any wifi signal, beit the SSID broadcast or the next 1000 bytes of the cat video you're watching (don't bother denying it) will include, as part of its packet, the MAC address of the sender and the receiver. The AP is always either the sender or the receiver in any traffic against it.

I don't believe you can connect with an AP via its MAC, but you can check the MAC to see if it's likely to be your AP. Also note that it's not particularly challenging to change the MAC on most but not all devices.

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I'm a bit confused by this thread since connecting via MAC address is a layer two protocol, so unless he's on a local lan, or using Frame-Relay, you DON'T connect via the MAC address to a wireless AP. If by sniffing you meant you were able to discern the MAC address of an AP or associated SSID, then yes, you can do that, but you aren't connecting to the AP via the MAC address unless it's both the SSID(dumb if someone set it to this) and also their WPS Pin(again, dumb) or WEP/WPA(2) passsword(again, dumb move).

If you could draw us a topology of what it is you did pointing to things you were looking for, I think we could better understand this whole thread since it seems english is not your native language, nor an understanding of networking in general, but may be thinking of something completely different than what you are describing to us, since it makes no sense to me what exactly you're doing by connecting to an AP via its MAC address?

If you're filtering using a network manager to sort same named ap's by mac then I could understand more this scenario than by mac alone though since ita more looking for the ap with the mac address you want but your not actually connecting via the mac. The association process is still the same, just you specify which ap by mac address in your network manager.

I'm assuming it's similar to the link below what you are describing:


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