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Hope this is the right place for this.

I am going to be doing some international travel for a couple of weeks and won't have access to my own computer/phone (feels kinda like cutting off an arm... ). Just wondering if there is any advice out there for using public computers.

Ideally I'd like to have access to a few things (email for one) but using a public computer to access it always makes me nervous. Should I create a bootable USB to make sure I have a clean OS, which could introduce problems with accessing the network? Take my chances and access everything in the open and change all my passwords as soon as it is safe to do so? Or just go through withdrawal and say I don't really need access for two weeks.

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Create an email account specifically for the trip. Auto-forward from main mailbox to vacation box, preferably filtered for relevance. Kill the account again when you're back.

The best way is to either just not do it or bring a phone/tablet/laptop that you don't mind losing which works out there and use that for webmail and what have you.

Public computers should only be used for stuff you don't mind the general public to know about so generally only for stuff that doesn't involve a password.

You can plonk a secure OS on a stick, but chances are the people who put the public machine up prevent you from booting off of it.

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