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Best Way to Honeypot?


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I just recently bought my WiFi Pineapple and it is my first time to any man-in-the-middle attacks or rouge AP deals. I just was curious to know what would be the best ways to honeypot people into connection to your SSID?

Example: I want someone to connection to Starbucks-Guest, which is my pineapple but there is already a Starbucks-Guest, how would I spoof it so my network is the one connected to and not seen as a duplicate?

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This is my first post here, so I want to say Hi to Everybody!

@Surburb, watch creating fake AP by @Darren on HAK5 show or Pineapple school. I remember that Pineapple works like this:

CLIENT [wifi]: ARE YOU .... <bssid>


So you can just add the pineapple's mac to the mdk3 or another wifi jammer and than deauth all hosts nearby you. Then clients will automatically reconnect to your AP without any info and victims work. I think that there was an episode on the airport, where @Darren performed something like this.

I don't want to create new topic, because I'am new here and just a bit shy <don't want to do some crossposting or another bad things :) > Is there any possibility to create honeypot that connets automaticaly without Pineapple? I want to buy it, but since then I want to practice, and ... well I've been searching for a long time and just found some "wifipisher" or stuff like that to perform the "evil twin" attack, but that soft needs user permission/action. How to recconect them automatically?

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