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Leatherman bracelet


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Looks like a cool gadget, but I doubt it is as easy as using an actual tool to do the job. Real screwdrivers and such you can turn with your fingers, balancing the pommel on your palm, and it is fairly easy to do, you don't have to turn your whole hand. With this it seems like it would be less useful.

There's another thing, this will only save you like 5 minutes before you actually have to resort to getting another tool for any given task.

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You're missing the point. It allows you to have your tools on you in a concealed fashion. Portability-wise, you really can't beat this.

And sure, it's not going to outright replace your actual tools, but if you have to wonder if all the shit you want to carry along will fit inside your bag, this could be something to consider.

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