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dnsmasq instead of dnsspoof


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Why don't we use the innate ability of dnsmasq to spoof hosts instead of dnsspoof? I noticed that the pineapple would reply to my queries twice when using dnsspoof (instead of once as I expected). After some research http://blog.philippheckel.com/2013/07/18/how-to-dns-spoofing-with-a-simple-dns-server-using-dnsmasq/ I noticed that is it 1. entirely possible thus moving away from the hit and miss of dnsspoof and 2. would make it much neater. Should we look into creating an infusion maybe?

Wishing you all well,


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So I have a proof of concept which anyone can find at https://github.com/crblanaru/dnsmasq_i . My experience with php is (< beginner) but if someone could give me a hand it would be amazing. And if it could be included in the base image instead of dnsspoof it would be even more awesome. (I am yet to do the whole php redirect thing the dnsspoof is doing and logging the requests seems a little pointless to me, but it could be an option).

Hoping for a reply,


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