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Pineapple Connectivity to macbook


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Considering ordering Wi-Fi pineapple, but as my macbook doesn't have ethernet port, how would the connectivity go with it? Expecting to use it with kali through vmware, but the lack of actual ethernet port on macbook worries me on how am I going to be able to pair the devices.

Any solutions?


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That's how I understand it, but maybe someone else can vouch for this too?

I own a Pineapple, but it's already configured and I don't want to try and, say, reflash it or whatever to prove the point.

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Well I just got mine this week and plan to play around with it. I also have a mac without any ethernet card slot. I was planning to connect to it wifi. The only thing i'm confuse about is once I configure the pineapple how do I get it online?

I really don't want to connect it to my network at home, would I have to buy a wifi adapter and connect that way? I'm really interested in trying it this way. that way at work i just join the the office public network and let the pineapple sit there and see who connects to it. That way the clients still have internet access.

Is that something that might work? i'm just doing this for education purpose only not for anything evil..

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