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Searching for interview Darren did...


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I know several people that have done masscan projects, from mubix to hd moore. Some of this was talked about at Derbycon, and I think Darren may have even interviewed Mubix about his project if I'm not mistaken, but what not 100% sure if that is what you were referring to. IronGeek has the conference videos https://www.youtube.com/user/irongeek and Hak5 has its own youtube channel you may be able to search for the one you were looking for.

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I have searched the channel. I have been looking for this video for a few months now (on and off). I remember Darren was at a conference and interviewed someone by the door. I checked youtube, but maybe it was someplace else. don't remember :/

edit - I remember the guy was talking in the interview to Darren about how he nmapped the internet, he came across a dam in Europe that was exposed. He attempted to contact them to let them know about the lack of security, and they kind of blew him off. There is a website he had put together where one could search.

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I think you want the one from 1512.2 where Darren interviews Paul McMillan at Toorcon 2013 who scanned the whole internet for open RealVNC servers that accept 'no authentication' which, as it turns out, also includes all copies whose license has expired.

One of the reasons you might not find it via the site is that the 1512 page contains and also links to the 1212 episode on youtube instead. The download links are accurate, though.

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