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Temperature Issues with Mark V 100-130f


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It seems that my Mark V is running really hot.
I have the case open for ventilation, well top part and powered it on to see if that helped but its at the Temperature without running infusions like active.

What is the normal Temp it's suppose to be at and if it is running to hot why?
Notes: Powered by 12v 2amps and tested at 9v 2amps. Same Temp basically.

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*Bump* Sorry...
Just don't want to fry my Mark V you know or catch on fire.

Would putting a heat sink on it help, i would think so, just can't have the case one, i guess i could 3d print one but don't really have time.

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Thanks, i'll probably do that might as well since it has space for it.
If i do i'll post pics for y'all.

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