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What do you carry in you hack pack?


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I was wondering what you guys carried in your hack pack / urban survival bag / pen testing bag. To begin, I will start J :)

I have a growing collection but here is mine:

- 1x Wifi Pineapple MK5

- 1x Pineapple Juice 12800mah

- 2x 8dbi omni antennas

- 1x 12dbi yagi antenna

- 1x r00tabagga

- 1x Reaver Pro 2

- 1x 24 pcs lockpick set

- 1x 20800mah samsung battery (really dodgy)

- 1x Alfa card AWUS36NH

- 1x Targus water resistant backpack
- 1x UTTD tool
- 1x assorted boot disks
- 1x Assorted memory mediums, cables and antennas

Separate bigger items:
- Trek X-Calibre 7
- 24 dbi parabolic grid antenna
- Working suite

- AR Parrot Drone 2.0
- Building Tarrot T1000 drone

I might have forgotten some things but I think that this is a comprehensive list. I might be able to get some photo’s later tonight.

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