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Help Seting Up A Home/Network Security Camera?

Justin Ewing

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Hey guys I Need So Help and some Advise on this. I wanna Set Up a Security On My Server? And i Want to be about to Connect to It on the Internet(IP surveillance)? what programs Should i Use? How Do i Set this Up? Do i Use S-video? The Camera that i have, the end of it is video wire thats why i ask should i use s-video? :?: :?:

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Hey guys, I need some help and advice on this.

I want to attach a security camera to my server, and I want to be able to view its video feed via the internet (I already dreamed up a name for this: IP Surveillance. Like it?).

What program(s) do you recommend?

How can I best set this up?

Should I use S-Video?

The camera I want to use, but refuse to specify for fear that you might find it useful, has an S-Video connector on the end of the wire, hence the question.

1. Specify the camera.

2. Figure out how to connect it to the computer.

3. Figure out what types of software can use this camera.

4. Pick the one that best meets your needs.

You probably want to do an auto-refreshing jpg or something. A new image on a webpage every 5 seconds or so, and use a meta refresh to make the browser update the image.

Take a look at Darren's EditCam (use the forum search to find the thread).

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Sounds like a nice project for a future show?

There was a news item recently when a guy had rigged his home so an intruder triggered a message to his mobile (I don't know if it was linked to his burglar alarm). It was triggered when he was abroad on holiday so he logged onto the internet and saw the burglars in his home. He called the police and watched them remotely as they arrested the villains. I'm sure that it wouldn't be cheap to set up, but I'd like some practical information about how to go about it.

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