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Desperate for help, Email hacking


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Hello hak5

A close friend of mine was married to his wife for many years. He was on a 2 night work trip, when he got home Over 40,000 cash and from accounts, photos, cats, some furniture and valuables were taken by her and she left. With no notice or idea she was planing to leave. He got a call the next day demanding more money, he said fuck no. He gets another call an hour later from the man we guess she left with demanding the money or you will get hurt. My close friend suffers from polio and limps around, easy target.

We need to get into her email address and i don't know the best methods of doing so. The address is a Hotmail. Any help on hacking into it to read her emails would be appreciated.

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This is a police matter, regardless of the mitigating reasons, accessing a hotmail account without permission is illegal and requests like this are not allowed on this forum.

Tell your friend to take the problem to the police and have them deal with it.

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