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Hi everybody, so I’ve been tinkering with dns spoof for the last little bit and have made a nice little php site that works great with the pineapple.

It logs credentials looks good ect. I am interested in learning how to write a proper captive portal though,

one that releases once credentials have been logged that is , i've done a fair bit of research on google and found some good articles.

I am also quite aware of evil portal and no dog splash but for me its not always about the end result,

I genuinely want to figure out how it all works on the backend more for curiosity sake then anything.

Doe’s anybody know of some good articles to read that would shed some light on how this all works, If so please post up some links?

Thank you.

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Take a look at nodogsplash's source code.

Basically, it comes down to maintaining an authenticated users list (by MAC / IP, depending on implementation), blocking all traffic (think iptables), and finally, adding new rules allowing these clients to access the net.

A simple captive portal is relatively easy to pull off and could be done in very little code.

Best regards,


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