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Hey guys. I recently Setup a media server running Media Browser and absolutely love it! I have been looking for a solution such as this since like 2009. My setup is as follows...

Modem/Gateway -> WRT Series router running dd-wrt with VPN support.

Users connect to the PPTP VPN via dd-wrt and then access the media server on the network and even on 3G it works pretty well. I am impressed!

How ever from a security stand point I am curious what you guys think, what would you do differently? I want them to securely access the media server without any other local lan access and it would be nice to give them the ability to create their own user accounts.

I had a setup in 2009 using Adito and am thinking of tinkering with that again. Active directory also is an option I would like, but I'm still new to Media Browser.

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