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A question about the WinVNC payload


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I saw that a program called services.exe installs the WinVNC app as a service. My question is, what does it exactly do, and is the source code available?

This is because I am making my own payload, and services.exe is the only program that is still detected by my AV (trying to make a pyload that doesn't need to kill any antiviruses)

EDIT: i got it working without using services.exe, topic can be locked or whatever

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Yeah sure. I used regmon to to check what registry entries were created when the services.exe would be used, and I saw that they were exactly the same as those in vncdmp2.reg, meaning that the entire services.exe component was not necessary..

So I deleted services.exe, and removed it from services.bat in the VNCInstallfiles dir. I tried it out, and it worked just like it used to, without my antivirus going crazy :D

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