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Kingston USB Repair


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I have given my friend my USB Stick, so that he copies me a movie on it. I don't know how his program on the computer was made, but he has written the Usb with Nero. When I came home, the USB was blank, with 0 bytes capacity, unknown FileSystem and the worst, I could not opened it, because Windows said: "Please insert a disk into removable disk H:". I tried to format it, but I wasn't let even in the format option, because it came me an error: "There is no disk in drive H:/ Insert a disk and then try again". I tried different tools from the internet, like: Kingston Format Utility, HP Usb Disk Storage Format Tool, U3 Sandisk Launchpad( This said, that it is not a SanDisk USB and let me not to the next step), Format with CMD, Partition Delete with CMD, HDDGURU Low Level Format Tool( this recognized my USB not) etc. I would like to recover my USB( not the data, because it was not so important), so please help me!


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Did you try fdisk (I think in contemporary Windows there's a Drive Manager or some such somewhere in Administrator Tools, maybe as part of System or Computer or something. Search a bit)?

Chances are there's simply no recognizable partition on there. Tools like 'format' work off an existing partition so with an absent or broken partition table it won't be able to do its thing.

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I've tried this too. I opened the link with SanDisk in Internet Explorer, but the application that opened shows that my USB is not a SanDisk one, so I couldn't reached the next step. :(( I think I need a special tool or something.

And I tried to change the device letter, but this had no effect.

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