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I know the HakShop doesn't sell the every day carry (EDC) bags apart from the Pineapple bundles but has there been any thought on doing so? I bought the tactical bundle a few months back but I really like the new EDC bag that Darren had on the last episode. I would buy a new bundle as I can justify having an additional Pineapple but with my luck you guys will release the MKVI right after I get the new bundle, lol.

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First time I see "The Wifi Pineapple Plug". Shame one has its ventilation openings somewhat obstructed by the other Pineapple. They should've made it such that the closed side of the 2 Pineapples are adjacent.

Edit: Which was exactly what they did. DOH!

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My current EDC bag is one of these. It's a bit bigger than Darren's bag, but I carry a crapton more stuff every day for work. I've also used one of these, which is closer to the bag used in the tactical bundle. The closest thing I can find to the new bag is this one. Pretty sure they use cheaper reproductions though. They wouldn't be able to sell the kits at these prices.

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Does our work cars count? Everything from the plastic tub forward came out of my car today. Swapping cars with one of my coworkers, so I had to clean it out. The tub has various length patch cables, network keystones, patch panels, screws, zipties, rolls of velcro, that sort of thing. The roll around box on the right has sharp pointy tools, large drill bits, hole saw blades, caulk gun, hammers, more screws. Backpack has my laptop and stuff I normally would carry into most desktop support sites. Black tool bag has all my network/av installation gear. Red bag is my cordless drill, impact driver batteries, charger and bits, and more screws. You can never have enough screws... There's also a small shop vac not in the picture. 4 foot ladder stays inside the car, 6 foot ladder goes on the roof rack. I'm actually short on cable right now. I usually have 6 thousand foot boxes in the car. I used up my two boxes of cat-6 last week and haven't replaced them yet. The plywood stuff in the top right of the photo was a platform I had in the HHR. The small ladder and dolly fit under it, and everything else was on top. I bolted them down to the cargo rings in the back so they couldn't move.



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Don't feel bad. What you're looking at is the difference between pro and hobby. When you're pro and want to spend your time making money rather than rummaging through the collected crap in the back of your car, you make sure you get things organised though I'll admit I didn't expect you to need that much stuff on standby. Then again, I don't expect people to regularly need to lay 2000ft worth of cable somewhere...

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'Well, not exactly EDC but my PC toolkit is an old ammo box containing:

  • CD pack (Operating systems, software)
  • 32GB bootable USB stick (Windows 8.1 PE, Clonezilla, Memtest86)
  • 16GB USB stick (PortableApps, Sysinternals)
  • 500GB 2,5" USB HDD (empty)
  • Notebook (Kali, Wireshark, DuckyEncoder)
  • LAN tap
  • USB rubber ducky
  • Micro USB OTG "Cos" cable
  • 3m cat5e twisted pair cable
  • 50cm cat5e loopback cable
  • Screwdrivers
  • Guitar pick
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