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Wifi Pineapple shipment Payment Status :refunded ?


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Hi guys,

yesterday I ordered WiFi Pineapple , but today the payment Status is refunded !!

I'm not sure what the problem is with my address or the shipping method ?

by the way ,I'm using myus.com (package forward service)

is it allowed or not?

and it's says :


(Reason: inventory)

So what i did wrong ?

or how to solve it :(

please help me guys :sad: :sad:

p.s. i live in the middle east

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Sounds like it may be backordered, and as such, they gave you a refund, but you should try contacting them directly through the store support links and give them time to respond. Somewhere on the forums is a few other threads with people asking questions about store orders in general and a few admins I think replied with direct emails, so you might be able to search and find direct contact links to get a quicker reply since here might not get seen as quickly.

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