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Hey All,

I'm new here, somewhat technical, but not enough to get this MarkV i bought running for what i'm trying to do.

I am trying to prove to my management teams that we've got some security vulnerabilities on our mobile devices, and I was hoping to setup this device to capture any insecure data coming off my mobile device.

I'm convinced that when I'm working from a public hotspot there's too much of our corporate data vulnerable over the wireless networks. but i need to figure out how to prove it.

I've setup the MX5

I have it connected in client mode

I can connect my mobile device to it

and the mobile device can connect to the internet thru the pineapple

but i'm not sure how to kick off a man in the middle to start capturing data

I installed SSL Split but it doesnt seem to do anything for me, even if i force the browser over to an HTTP website and log in

what's the best way to setup to test something like this with the mark 5?

Thanks for any advice


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search the pineapple section - questions like this have been asked, probably already answered.

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