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Novell hacking School systems.


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Now before anyone jumps in here with the usual stuff about hacking schools, stop. We know how to get around windows accounts but I know of a few places that use novel login, and i don't have a clue how to get around it. How does it technically work?

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I'm under the rule of Novell at my school and I continue to survive by the fact that my school admins are lenient/I have no desire to destroy the system

I remember reading an article a while ago about how the system, unfortunately I can't seem to dig up the article that I read a while ago, but I remember the system was somewhat complex.

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not that i would ever do this,

but hypothetically speaking, if you went to a uni that used NDS, for some reason each computer will have a few local windows user accounts on it that are the same user and password as a particular persons NDS account. So if you crack those, you get to their NDS accounts. they seem to be on there for a long time as well and i have no idea why.

just hypothetically of course

i have been reading a bit about NDS. It seems to be a pretty good way for very n00bified sys admins to be able to create a nice secure network without too much training or knowledge

i try not to learn too much, since you don't want to mess with shit at school, for all of the reasons that have been mentioned already

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i know as much about novell networks as the next guy but i think you have to do through the countrol counsol on the novell server! But im not sure. Try to find a program that can do it for you. There have been some command line ones but 4 some reson all of the ones i have tried have gone with the quote "crash and burned. " (didn't work at all) so if some one finds a way alot of people would be happy

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the Novell system is pretty lock down, there is very few option to get any thing good done. my school for one has the ability to check students screen but a simple pskill from sys internals script and your fine but for getting an account your out of luck because it's controlled centrally by an admin usually

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find the stupidest teacher (hard at my school... they are all stupid)

a) watch them type in their password

b) convince them that you can only print from that computer


That stupid can a teacher not be!!! or can he ;)

The easyest way to get som rights is like this.

1. you be alone in a class room

2. u have a LiveCD from ophcrack

3. you boot the teacher PC with the LiveCD

Usally a Novell administrator gives more rights to the tachers then the students...

so now if ( and u will) get the teachers password, that have logged in that computer, you have more rights to mess things up... ;)

So how to juse these rights i would not tell!!!

to get an admin.system or so is like 1:1000000 and the admin is a n00b if he logs in to a computer that is not by his side 24/7.

BTW... not cool to do stuff like this.. but its nice to know how you do..

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