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[Help] What USB device buy


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Good morning everyone
I am looking to buy a new wireless USB device. However in doubt which one to buy. What is your opinion? These cards USB device are good?
Sorry, but I'm Brazilian, and my English is not good.
Tp-link Tl-wn822n
Tp-link Tl-wn8200nd
Kali Linux
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Comparing the specs for the WN822n against the specs for the WN8200nd the latter has a superior antenna and higher transmission power when set to the appropriate region (as you may or may not know, based on the region the law allows a different maximum transmission power). So for generic use and at least on paper the TL-WN8200ND seems to be the better device.

I think in general terms and for generic use, pretty much any device these days qualifies as 'good'. Some are better suited for specific usages, but to explore that you'd have to indicate what, specifically, you want to do with it. If all you want to do is be able to connect to your home wifi, both will be fine and I'd consider the price tag the main feature to decide which device to pick. If you think you actually need the range (like when the AP is for instance 200 meters away, with 2 solid walls between you and it), the TL-WN8200ND is the one to go for.

And please don't double or, in your case, triple-post. One topic per question is more than enough.

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2 things:

1. Accessing a neighbor's WIFI without their express (=written) consent is illegal.

2. Sounds like you'd prefer range. Go with the 8200.

And finally, here's a post descibing various cards and their performance. TP-LINK isn't the only company around that makes these things but, in general, they do tend to make the cheaper ones.

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