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Saved settings not persistent


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Goodday fellow fruitlovers,

I have received a Pineapple today and flashed it to it's newest firmware.

Although everything seems to work as expected, i'm experiencing some persistent issue's; i.e. saved settings keep changing back to default.

- Timezone keeps changing back to default; GMT - 12:00, eventhough i receive the message that the Timezone was changed.

- In Karma, Client Blacklist can't be removed, saved MAC adresses remain visible in the list, eventhough i receive a message that the MAC address was removed.

- I can't connect to the Pineapple remotely, WPA2 Password can't be saved, eventhough i receive a message that the Configuration changed succesfully.

Am i the only one experiencing these problems?

Thanks in advance.

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Please search the forums before posting. Your concerns with the timezone issue have been addressed time and again. I can't speak for your Karma issue but you can probably find the answer in the forums as well. As for your WPA2 password not being saved make sure you are clicking the correct save button. There are two, one for the open AP and one for the secure AP, each button saves its respective configuration.

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