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Mark Bond

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Hi Guys,

I upgraded my Mark 4 to Ver 3.0 and apparently installed to much for the system to handle and cannot seem to recover from it. The GUI is available for about 10 sec at boot and then becomes unresponsive. I SSH'd in into the Mark 4 and it also will authenticate and then die about the same time. I have not ever been fast enough to get into the CLI after it authenticates to type a command . . . I suspect that something is loading and taking all the CPU, and does not ever let the CPU return to other processes like the GUI interface.

Any suggestions of how I can recover this Mark 4? Is there a way to just reload it?

Thanks for the help!

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This should be able to help you out.


Let me know if you have questions. Be sure to read the instructions fully. The red highlighted text is most important so you don't blow it up.

So you think my only option is with UART Adapter? Have you seen this issue before?

I understand what I have to do if that is my only option. Thanks for the help.

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