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What about Seanux ?


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Hi Everyone,

Just came back from this thread

and Was very interessed to build my own lab.

So , I found this distro SEAnux which is basically a Pentesting OS, like Kali Linux, And i was considering using it, but i wasn't sure if it was safe.

The source code is avaialble but i'dont have the knowledge to analyse it.

Only thing i found is this But it turn out to be only a misconfiguration.

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You're focussing on the platform. Don't!

You can use Kali, Ubuntu, Gentoo, SEAnux, Linux From Scratch, MacOS X, hell, you could even use Windows (but, well, don't)! All those 'Pentesting OS' distro's do is pre-package the tools you're likely to use so you're off the starting block faster. If you're already sufficiently (un)comfortable with an OS, don't muck about learning a new one just because "everybody else does so". Install the tools everybody else uses and give them a loud "Moooooo!" when they ask why you're not running Kali.

You don't want to learn the OS. You actually don't even want to learn the tools themselves. What you want to do is understand how the tool works so you know how to apply it most effectively.

In this field there's a new tool every other month. Learn the concept, know the tools that exploit the concept, don't give a shit about the tool.

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One thing to keep in mind. On an actual pentest you might want/need the ability to wipe your machine's drive when you're done. I've even heard of folks having to turn over the drive in their laptops. Having a distro like Kali, Gento or SeAnux comes in handy for this reason. Most people won't use them as a daily driver os, so it's not a big deal to lose the data on them. Some people use those distros for other reasons. I run Kali as my work and one of my personal laptop's main os. For me it's a convenience thing more than anything else. I used to just run Slackware and compile everything I needed, wrote a script to do it for me. Now I just use Kali and remove what I don't need if space is an issue, which usually isn't. Sure I could go old school and install Debian then install the apps I need, but I use full disk encryption, and I really like Kali's luks nuke feature. Had a coworker's laptop get pilfered from a client site, so I started running full disk encryption with windows as a vm for those windows only moments.

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Got It Cooper Thanks again .

So Basically I could use any OS, all I need to do is understand how the tool works but most important, the concept.

I'm really comfortable with Ubuntu or Linux Mint, so I guess i'll just install the packages that I need . Plus I was looking for a daily driver os. I'll stay on ubuntu for now.
To understand how the tool works It's mostly a lot of documentaion on Github and youtube then I'll install them.

hi barry, thanks !

LuksNuke looks verry great, I'm keeping this in my bookmarks in case I need it.

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