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Has anyone heard about this thing? A little neat, a little scary. <br />

<br />

Product description<br />

<br />

The RANGE-RTM system is a highly sensitive, portable, handheld, battery operated system. It is

designed to detect moving and near stationary personnel through walls constructed of common

building materials. Anticipated uses of the RANGE-RTM system include room clearance

operations and victim location by search and rescue personnel engaged in disaster recovery

efforts.<br />

<br />

The system is comprised of a stepped-frequency continuous wave (SFCW) radar transceiver,

digital signal processor (DSP), display and power supply electronics enclosed in a rugged, water-

resistant, light-weight plastic housing. The operator controls consist solely of the two momentary

pushbutton switches located on the sides of the unit.<br />

<br />

The RANGE-R cycles through a sequence of 120 frequencies in 2 MHz increments from 3.18

GHz to 3.42 GHz. At each of the frequencies, it transmits a maximum 32mW power level with no

modulation.<br />

<br />

Manufacturer Information:<br />

L-3 Communications CyTerra<br />

10 Commerce Way<br />

WoBum, MA 01801<br />

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I was wondering how hard it would be to build a saw-tooth generator in that frequency range to block this.

Why? They're not going to be using these things unless there's an entry team about to kick in the door. They don't work from a distance. Think of them as a stud finder for warm bodies. It just shows if there's a person inside a building, how far away from the unit he/she is, and whether they're moving or not.


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50 feet is still a pretty lengthy distance. If they were accessible to the civilian population I would be a little bit worried.

Again why? The same thing can be done just by looking into a window, or watching the house for a few minutes. It also won't work unless it's held against the wall/door. I'm sure in a year or so they'll be available to anyone who can afford it. They're not cheap though. Every distributor I've found has a call for pricing, so I'm guessing in the many thousands of dollars.

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If they have to be held up to a door or wall, then you're right barry. Would probably not be much of a problem for most people. Also the expense would make it impractical for the average burglar/stalker. Someone broke into my house once, so these things tend to worry me a little more than most people. Can't get into all the details.

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