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How to ssh remotely with android


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Hello guys,

First of all sorry for bad english.

This is another noob question, i'm trying to make a ssh connection but not in a local net rather internet. I'm trying to ssh to my pineapple using this configuration:

Host: root@MyPublicIp

Port: 2222

Listen Port: 22

Then i generate my public key....

Public Key - Generate

At the end i go to my android and set:

root@MyPublicIP:22 and click in Quick Connection but then y get: CONNECTION REFUSED...

This is the app i use:

[Juice SSH]


Hope you can help me!

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If you are doing this over the internet you need to forward the port on your router. I'm not sure which port this is on yours because I don't know the difference between Port and Listen Port in your example. I assume port refers to remote port and listen port refers to a local port? If so then you are connecting to the wrong port when you send your initial connection request. To sum up:

Find the port that SSH is using on your Pineapple (most likely 22)

Forward port 22 on your internet facing router to your Pineapple's IP address

Make sure your settings on the client follow this setup.

I'm not sure if there is any extra work with the keys as I am not a pro in that area but hopefully someone else can either verify or correct what I have stated.

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I don't understand your question.

So 22 is the SSH port on the pineapple go to your router go to port forward forward port 2222 to 22 0n ip pineapple ip. FRom your router mine is.

Now when I ssh in to my public external address. I ssh to root@ 2222 port fwd to pineapple ip port 22

I hope that helps

If not. Here is a detailed guide


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