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Why you should never talk to the police.


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In the course of reading the comments on a dutch news site about someone getting his ass handed to him in (US) court, I found one commenter linking to this very enlightening youtube video of first an attorney and then a veteran police officer giving a talk to law students basically saying nobody should ever talk to the police and of course why that is.

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That's not so much "Don't Talk To The Police" as it is knowing your rights to not self incriminate.

I think the cover all statement of "Don't talk to the police" is not the best way to describe knowing your rights and exercising them. The video/thread should be titled "Don't Talk To The Police If You Are Under An Investigation" to be more accurate. Again, it's all about the 5th Amendment to self incrimination.

There are reasons to TALK to the police, for example reporting a tip for an ongoing investigation, tracking down missing persons, etc. A lot of criminals get arrested due to people in communities reporting tips or talking with police. I consider it a civic duty to aid law enforcement when I can to aid in solving crimes, again, not self incriminating.

To give you a real summary of this video: If you are being questioned as a suspect, shut up and get a lawyer.

Again, I feel this is a misleading video and thread title.

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Fair point, but consider the example given of the person asking the lawyer if he/she should talk to the IRS. Person didn't think (s)he did anything wrong but was asked to come to an interview. I don't think, to most people, that qualifies as "being questioned as a suspect" (but to be fair, I wouldn't call this IRS person "police" either). One of the points the lawyer is making elsewhere in the video is it's effectively impossible for you to know you're not self-incriminating because there are simply too many insane laws on the books.

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If someone like the IRS is calling you out of the blue asking questions, assume you are being looked at. The IRS won't call you to investigate your neighbor. It's about being aware of the situation you are in and knowing if you should assist with answering questions or just keep quiet and get legal representation. If an officer is asking you if you saw anything suspicious like a car peeling tires through a parking lot, chances are they are looking for any information to lead to a bad guy.

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impressed in so many ways lol... I made it the first,

"nothing you say to the cops will help u in court"

"It can only help them convict you"

And plenty of examples to back up his theory

Again, that only focuses on the 5th Amendment Rights and if you are in the position of a subject of an investigation. The scope is limited to a very narrow situation and should not be considered a cover all topic when dealing with police.

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