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[infusion Idea] download injector / intercepter


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Zanti which is an android application formerly known as Dsploit. (most of you probably know this already), has options to intercept downloads and replace them with your own file or capture downloads and store them on an sdcard.

I find this to an extremely useful feature for obvious reasons.

It'd be pretty neat if one of you dev pros could come up with an infusion that did the same.

I know i could probably mitm my pineapple using zanti and get similar results while on site but for rogue testing an infusion would be nice. (mitm my mitm, just the thought of that makes me chuckle, lol...ok moving on)

What do you devs think and the community think?

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We have something like this in the works.

Nice, cause I love some features of CSploit / zAnti. I think you mean that something like that will come with the new MITM proxy?

Could you perhaps tell us a little bit more about the roadmap / timeline? ;-)

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