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How do I know if my Pineapple Mark V is bricked?


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For most people, the device being bricked simply means that after startup they can't find any way of accessing it. There are various ways in which this can happen, and many of those aren't externally visible.

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Hardbricking your pineapple I believe takes quite a bit of effort. It means you overwrote that part of the onboard flash containing the backup image which is what's used by the unbricking instructions. If you end up doing that, you're not noobie-ing around on your device, you tend to have some idea of what you were doing when you were doing it.

Since the Pineapple has its JTAG pins ready for you to attach to, even recovering from hardbricking the device remains an option, but you should be very careful as it's basically your last hope of recovery. Mess that up and you're better off getting a new one. Or maybe just go do something else... That's probably the best advice in such a case.

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