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Can anyone help me make a simple payload?

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I just bought the ducky and would really appreciate some help with making a custom payload. I need a payload that can run on a limited windows 8 accounts (no admin privileges) and that bundles every file in the M: drive and documents folder and sends it via a custom gmail email account. If somebody can make such a payload it would be much appreciated.

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No offence but i dont think anyone is going to help you with this one; it all sounds kind of shady. Read the forums look at the wiki to learn how the ducky operates. The ducky is just a fancy keyboard (macro) device if you can do it on the keyboard you can do it with the duck.

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Sounds simple to do, but as mreidiv stated, this sounds shady, something to do with corporate espionage or otherwise taking files you aren't supposed to have. Also, unless you use google drive, or the sum of the files (Probably compressed) is small, I doubt they'll be able to be send via email. Good luck.

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