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Jamming AP, So Clients come to Karma/Pine AP

Mad Pierre

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In A Clients tession session, Old Os's that was conected to a AP via WPA2. was connecting to the Pine AP. When I was jamming the AP. Howevey some Android and Apple hardware is not. Is this a case of cat and mouse, I.e The newwer clients remember WPA2 was on, and will only contect to a WPA2 etc AP of the same name.

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It may be. I've received warnings from Windows 8.1 when connecting to my Pineapple after changing the SSID to something I've connected to before. The warnings generally state that the last time I connected to this access point it was secure and now it isn't. Maybe newer phones have moved forward and don't even give the user a chance to connect to it because the OS simply does not trust the AP.

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