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sslstrip is not running... pineapple IV


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  • 4 months later...

I'm new in this world and I'm also having problems with this infussion.

I can install it from the pineapple bar but when it's installed it says:

sslstrip not installed

which has no sense to me because it's already installed.

I post this here to you know we are also having problems with this infussion.

Does anyone why is it happening?

Thank you.

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tibyarad: Can you run sslstrip from the command line?

hacalox: Have you installed the actual sslstrip program? The infusion is just an interface for the program, installing the infusion does not install SSLSTRIP

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To be honest their honestly is no point of even using SSLStrip it doesn't even remove https anymore due to HSTS in all the web browsers you might be lucky if it works in Internet Explorer but Firefox and Chrome won't downgrade the website using https to http anymore even if you did if the target has the website cached it will just go right back into https.

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