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Broadcast 300 AP’s with random MAC addresses


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Trying to set-up a Pineapple V to broadcast 300 different AP’s with random MAC addresses. A list file is already set-up with both the SSID name and MAC address for all 300 AP’s. Would it be possible to include some type of wireless security type (i.e. WPA2-Personal) with the broadcast? For an example someone uses inSSIDer and the broadcast looks complete with SSID-MAC-Channel-Security. No one will actually connect to these 300 AP’s. The plan is to hide a few real AP’s within the 300 fake AP’s. Any ideas on what to use and set-up with the Pineapple?

Thank you

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This is an interesting scenario.

You could use the occupineapple infusion to do this.

I do not think that it supports encryption though..

Technically, dogma could do this, but it is not a currently available feature. I'll consider implementing this in an API.

Best Regards,


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