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I built a media server. It does several things

It runs Azureus for all my computers. I did this by specifying a a folder where I can save torrent files, and Azureus will start any torrents placed in the folder. I then mapped that folder as a network drive. I also installed the WebUI, and have it set to download the torrents on one drive, and then move them when they are done downloading to a large spanned RAID.

It runs Orb

FileZilla ftp server, I found this was the best way to tranfer files over the internet, and trust me I tried a lot of different ways.

Full quality streaming music with Hamachi and foobar2000. Basicly what I did with this was scanned the music network share on the media server, while on my LAN into the media library,of foobar2000, and then I can run Hamachi VPN (or virtual lan) and play the music in full quality just like I was at home. I found that foobar2000 media player worked best for this. Its really easy to setup too.

I also want to try Jinzora, and using utorrent instead of Azureus, which should have the ability to do the same thing, but use less resources.

The Hardware:

cheap Celey (OCed to 2.56ghz, so that I could run the RAM at 200mhz)

ASRock micro ATX 478 intel chip based MB

1 gig dual channel DDR400 RAM

MX 440 64mb with passive heatsink

Gigabit NIC

160GB SATA seagate drive (OS, music, and the drive the torrent files download on to)

900GB (2x250+1x400) spanned RAID (spanned using XP Pro)

I'm considering installing media portal server on it (with only one tuner input), but I might have a problem since the new version of Orb thats coming out is suppose to need a 2GHZ AMD CPU or a 2.4GHZ Intel CPU. So if I ever wanted to use Orb while it was recording a show it might have problems. Now I don't use Orb that often. Just when I forget which episode that I'm on in a series. I can use it to quickly go through them to find out. I did use it once, when I forgot to start a ftp download in time. So I was thinking of upgrading to a dual core, but that would mean I would also have to get a new motherboard, and I'm worried about moving that RAID to a new system especially since I used Windows XP to create it. I could also upgrade the CPU to a 3GHZ P4, but I wonder if that would be enough. Or I could just say screw it since I don't use Orb that much anyways. What do you guys think?

By the way, I work at night and have a lot of down time. I have a laptop and a 1.5mbps down wireless connection, and I love this thing. It makes my nights so much better!

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Its not running media center, its running XP Pro, and media portal can turn a regular XP machine into a media center type computer, but media portal server is different than that because it records the shows on the server side, and them you can access them with the media portal client, or by accessing the folder that stores the the shows that are recorded.

I guess I should have mentioned this. I do not have my media server connected to my TV. I use my modded xbox to access the files on my media server through my network. The only things that are connected to my media server are a ethernet cable and a USB cable to my printer. I guess that would also make it a print server.

I could, but it would not be necessary to specify programs to certain cores.

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If you aren't watch the stuff directly off the computer, I would say it doesn't matter even slightly, unless you plan on transcoding the stuff it records. Even then it doesn't matter too much, it will just take a bit longer for it to do the transcoding.

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I don't know. from what I have read it takes about a 800mhz P3 at least to record a show with mythTV, and they are saying on Orb's site that 2.0 will need a Athlon 3200 or a 2.4ghz P4. I guess a 3ghz P4 might be fine, but I don't think that little celly could handle it. I heard Orb 2.0 is really nice, but I would rather just keep using the version that I got, and not have to upgrade for something like that.

Here is the page with Orb 2.0 requirements


EDIT:So for all the people that voted for me to use a dual core. Have any of you actually moved a RAID that was created using disc management in windows XP PRO over to a new machine. Does anyone actually know if its even possible without any data lose or not. Or did you all just vote dual core because you think dual cores are cool or something.

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