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browser hijacked...again


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Just spent the last 24 hours regaining control over my browsers ( chrome / firefox)

I downloaded a wma to mp3 conveter from the cnet.com site, when it started to install, I unticked all the extra crap they try to peddle in the fine print, but when it installed, it loaded this omi home pages and search engines, then load some kind of protection to lock it, disabled the task manager, and the usual tricks to make it hard to get rid of.

It took some effort, but I have got rid of it, ran nortons rootkit checker and now all clear.

They made it hard by the fact that they hid some exe files in the application data under the roaming tab.

Just pissing me off that I can't download something from cnet.com without it trying to force stuff I don't want down my throat. and the sneaky way it was done.

Lucky I had seamonkey as a backup, they didn't target it, so I could still browse without being rediected to their crappy sites.

Enough of a rant......

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don't use the Administrator user... create a user account with less privileges, use this new account...

If you can't remove a infection then just delete the account and create a new one.

My dad brings me his computer saying its infected... its a quick fix

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I normally use my machine that has VMware on it to check out software I don't trust, but I was on my PC in the lounge room which is set up as music recording and 3d animation rig, I got complacent just trying to do a quick conversion of a music track to process, I normally don't do any browsing on that machine.

It just annoys me all these search engines thinking they have the right to force me to use there services, at least I know how to remove it, but what about the general public, who don't have a clue how to fix it.

there is no way I would ever think about using that search engine now, they have just waved a red flag at a bull.....an as for cnet.com.....they used to be good.

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