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USB Rubber Ducky newbie


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Hello All

I just got a usb rubber ducky and don't know how to use it (need a newbie guide). I looked at Darren's quack start guide on youtube but I did not know how he was uploading it (I guess it was Ubuntu on a vmbox) . Second question if it was how do you install ubuntu on vm box because I have had several failed attempts.

Thank you

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And regarding ubuntu on a VM, please be more specific.

What VM software are you using and what is happening to make you consider the attempt failed?

Did you see errors and if so, what were they?

Did you see unexpected behaviour and if so, what did you expect and what did you actually see?

The more detail you can provide, the better the help will be. Particularly when you already googled some of the errors yourself and are able to explain why the typical explanation for the problem doesn't apply to you.

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