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[Support] DnsChanger


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I created a new infusion a months ago and I am just wondering if there is a process to submit it, in case it can interest others?

The infusion is very simple and automates the process of changing the DNS entry used by the Pineapple in 3 places: /etc/resolv.conf, dnsmasq.conf and dhcp.

I created this infusion because I once encountered a network where they were only allowing OpenDNS as a DNS server.

With this infusion I can quickly change the DNS server to be used by the Pineapple as well as the dhcp clients connecting to the Pineapple.

It is a very simple script, my first for Pineapple so hopefully it isn't too ugly! :)

I started by looking at the Network infusion to build that one.

[EDIT] I have now submitted the infusion through the right process and it should be available from the Pineapple Bar.



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There was a problem with the directory structure of version 1.0, there is now a new version available which fixes the install problem.

Version 1.1
- Updated file structure, so it can now install from the Pineapple bar!
- Cleaned the HTML code a bit
- Added a Changelog
I might add another option to revert back to default settings if anyone request it, in the mean time you just need to update your DNS with to get back to what it was.
The reason you might want to do that is if you use something like the DNS Spoof infusion, if you specify a different DNS server (i.e.: OpenDNS) then DNSspoof will not work as it uses the Pineapple as a DNS server to change domain names' resolution.
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Yes I think it has been taken down until I submit the newer version, which I just did, so it is waiting for review.

Unless I screwed up something it should be up shortly! I will put something here when I receive the confirmation.

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Thanks for the infusion. Looking forward to testing it.

Will this infusion actually redirect traffic? (sort of like DNS spoof)

for example: http://abc123.com will be redirected to the mkv? (The mkv can then host a customized html page)

Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this particular topic but it really sounds interesting.


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Correct, that infusion updates the DNS server that is used by your Pineapple.

It does it in 3x places (/etc/resolv.conf, dnsmasq and dhcp) so it also updates the DNS server that will be provided to your DHCP clients.

It is useful if you have a different DNS server running dnsspoof (i.e.: on your laptop or somewhere else)

and also in situations where only specific DNS servers are allowed by the surrounding network (i.e.: OPENDNS).



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