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Asus G75VW Boot from SDHC


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What's up guys?

Apparently I didn't think this completely through:

I have Ubuntu installed on a 32GB SDHC card that I have installed on my Asus G75VW (currently rocking 8.1) and my idea was to use the SD card as the *third HDD on the system (I have both HDD bays used for Win 8.1..probably a mistake but I'll deal with that after the fact..working to SSD)

SO when I go to hit ESC to try and boot to the SD card, I can only select between Windows, DVD drive, or only USB (when one is present). When I went to install Ubuntu on the card , I swore I installed GRUB, but it's not even recognizing the drive as a whole.

Am I missing something, or does my logic here not work?

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When you fdisked the card, did you mark the boot partition as bootable?


I used Gparted within Ubuntu before lighting up the installer. I don't think I did flag it as bootable. I wonder ... If I booted from a live-disk Ubuntu, could I still flag it for bootable? or is it easier/better off to start from scratch?

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