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2.1.1 perma brick?

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So I had updated to 2.1.1 and left the pineapple on for 2-3 days it started showing a bunch of bad gateway errors during a regular recon session, so I rebooted it, now all I get is a green light.

I've tried a factory reset

I've tried the unbricking instructions, no response from Ethernet to push the firmware.

I've tried leaving it on and getting a sammich

I've tried leaving it on factory reset for 3 days

I think I'm out of options, support basically said buy a new one.

Does any one have any other ideas?

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Try a different power adapter ( 5v 2a, 9v 1a or 12v 1a) do a search on the forums to find the different allowed power ratings for the markv

Try leaving it unplugged for a few days / 3 days (incase of a bad stale cache in the memory )

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@honkey cracka

Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried, batter which comes with the pineapple, I tried several usb ports with the adapter and I tried a couple universal power adapters none of which yielded anything other than the steady green light.

I've also tried leaving it for 3 days, ive actually left it for more than that this problem started about 2 weeks ago so it has even had about 7 days with no power.

Does anyone know if maybe this is a circuit issue which could be resolved by opening it up? Maybe a blow capacitor or something? Im about at the point ive tried everything else that my only option is to open it up.

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