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Regular Expressions


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Im trying to write a function in php that will split a string up using regular expressions. The problem is i suck at regular expressions which is making this even harder. What im trying to do is split something up that looks like

some stuff here

anything can be in here

some stuff here

i want to be able to pull down all the data inside the


part, the thing is there can be more then one part inside the text so for example

some text

anything can be in here

some more text

anything can be in here

should give me both the code sections in an array, i was trying to use preg_split() to do this but i cant seem to get the correct regular expression.


Never mind i ended up working it out, there is a preg_match_all function in php which will place all the results inside an array, just in case anyone was wondering how i done it here is the code

function getCode($str) {

    $codeI = preg_match_all('/[code](.*?)
/is', $str, $code);

    for($i =0; $i <sizeof($code); $i++) {

        for($x =0; $x <sizeof($code[$i]); $x++) {

            echo $code[$i][$x] ."<br>";




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