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Newb Question - How to share internet capabilities from router to pineapple?


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So I have been looking at the guide(only shows internet sharing from ethernet to computer running windows 7 and linux) and this may be a very stupid question but do I just plug the ethernet to the pineapple and it will automatically be able to connect to the internet ?

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Don't own a mark 4 myself (i own a 5) but......Assuming you have a wireless router. You just need to have an extra compatible wifi adapter plugged into the usb port of the pienapple. Then go to network and then client mode on your pineapple. Scan and it will pull up all wireless networks within your area, choose your network, enter your password and then you will be good to go.

You can not simply connect the Mark IV to your router via ethernet and expect the router to pick it up like it would your pc/tablet/smartphone. This is because your Mark IV is a router it self.

You probably can ( i say "probably" because i don't own a Mark IV and havn't tried this myself) put your router into bridged mode and then be able to share the internet connection. but when you go to remote locations you will not have access to the remote AP in order to put it into bridged mode, So an extra wifi adapter or 3g/4g dongle or USB tethering via smart device would be necessary, usb tethering via router with usb port might be possibly as well.

If your not sure about birded mode and have no other way of connecting your pineapple to the internet try

disconnecting your router and replacing it with the Mark IV, keep in mind this will only work if your modem is separate from your router. If you have an all in one router/modem, this will not work and bridged mode would be necessary.

Also i suggest upgrading to the Mark V whenever your funds are available, you'll be happier with it.

If i'm not mistaken This guy did a mod of connecting his mark IV to a router.

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Client mode feature must not be part of the MArk IV, but it there may be an infusion that will let you do it.

There is a TUT on these forums some where.

I'll try to find it for you.......

Here you go:


This will not require an extra wifi apadter. There is another tut for it somewhere, I'll post it here when i come across it.

Until then I'd advise browsing the forums alittle bit as i found that link 4 pages back in less than 5 mins.

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