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PineAP + Burpsuite Proxy


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I'm trying to get Burpsuite integrated with PineAP on a PineappleV... is it possible?

Here is my setup:

- Wireless router at ( for connection to the internet

- PineappleV running PineAP ( +

- From the same wifi router, I have a Kali Linux machine at ( listening on port 8080/tcp running Burpsuite

My goal is to accept wifi clients connected from PineAP and route any web requests (HTTP/HTTPS) to (Burpsuite).

Anyone know how to do this?

Can I just create an iptables pre-routing rule to forward to this IP/port?

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Wow, next level! Have to write up a quick tutorial about this! :grin: Had to add a few iptables rules, modify the dnspoof settings and add invisible proxying to Burpsuite but now it works! thanks for the help!

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Even better, Burpsuite has options to redirect all HTTPS -> HTTP and on SSL negotiation failure, does SSL pass-through automatically (thus not breaking the connection for sites like Google to the client, etc.). Seems to be working pretty good here aside from not seeing all HTTPS traffic...

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