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USB Rubber Ducky wont create a report file.


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Hi, I have just recently bought the USB rubber ducky and everything was going perfect until I couldn't find the report file. I have been using the payload generator at ducktoolkit.com and everything that I entered in the text fields while creating the payload was correct it still wont create a report file. I have tried saving the report to the target machine, emailing the report to a gmail account and saving the files to a USB but still no report file.

I really want to try fix this so if anybody has any ideas let me know!


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Well at what point is it failing? The ducky isn't doing anything magic - it is just a keyboard typing faster than a human can.

I suggest you work out how to do the report by hand and find out what needs to be executed on the keyboard. Unless you provide a fail case or more information nobody can really help you...

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Well post the command that isn't working as expected, your OS and other pertinent information and I'll try and help :)

Are you on Windows? Are you familiar with PowerShell?

I think the root cause is that the duck / site are aimed more at "script kiddies" and assume the user doesn't want to know / understand what is going on and how the functionality works.

A better approach is to devise a script that works for you and then port it into a duck script rather that using a site to auto-magically generate a script... The unreadable / hard to maintain scripts are the reason that I don't use the duck anymore (along with accidentally breaking my duck when drunk! :) )

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