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mount sd card


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Ok, so I copied the file over to /sd did a ls of /sd saw the file. Removed the sd card and put in my computer and saw nothing. Did another ls and still saw the file even though no sd card was installed. I deleted the file and tryed another card, same thing. Am I missing something stupid?


The sdcard should be automatically mounted. If it is not, physically remove it and put it back in.

You should see it mounted using the 'mount' command.

It will be mounted to /sd/.

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If it is a .cap file that was captured with tcpdump:

-> Click under History in the tcpdump menu to download your .cap

For all other way´s use "scp" to copy that file from you pineapple to your desktop pc.

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Hello, newbie here...I am having the same trouble, and have spent a lot of time trying to accomplish the same thing. I have a MK5, macbook pro running virtual box and kali linux. I am able to ssh into the pineapple from virtual box/kali linux and I have ICS no problem using WP5.sh .. I need to know how to transfer a .cap file from my ssh connected pineapple where the file is, to my root@KaliLinux test folder for further processing. Any examples would be awesome!! please make it as simple as possible and forgive my ignorance, as I'm semi new to linux commands. :)

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