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using nmap for cert discovery and alerting


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I'm trying to think of a way to use nmap to scan a range of IP's only on 443 to discover certs and then put this information into a file so that I can alerts on ones that are expiring.

using something like "nmap -sV -p 443 <ip_range> will give you very simple results about the port being open and I think there is an NSE script for ssl-cert, but has anyone done something like this where you could get the cert name, expiry date, key and the output that to a file so you could run another on it to send out an e-mail alert if the cert is less than 30 days from expiring or expired?

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for ip in 127.0.0.{0..255}
do  openssl s_client -connect $ip:443 -showcerts > $ip.crt

I'm guessing you can parse the information in the produced files later (or as a part of the loop here) to see what needs to be done next, if anything.

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awesome. thanks.

I also found a tool online that's free that does the bulk of this as well. Just in case people want to use this:


Just requires a free account but it will give you the cert, what hosts are using, it's weaknesses, expiry dates, etc.

Still, nice to have both options.

Thanks for the help.

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