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[Infusion Idea] WifiPhisher (password WPA)


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Hi all,

just saw the interesting project WifiPhisher (https://github.com/sophron/wifiphisher) and asked myself if it could not be a nice feature/infusion for the MKV?

Sorry, I'm not able to code this infusion but perhaps could it be a challenge for somebody else (in the future)? ;-)

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The pineapple already does all that.

To capture the wpa password via captive portal, evil portal can be used.

The whole project is a little misleading though, because kicking someone off of a wpa ap doesn't mean their clients automatically connect to the ap without security.

Best regards,


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I agree with Seb this is nothing more than hosting a site with a fake router page. Problem is that most people will not know what wpa is and if they do, they know that the page it is hosting is not their routers page. So this program is really grasping for straws IMHO. Plus if you know that you cant connect to a ap that you want to are you really going to try to connect to other peoples AP's. and then this page pops up asking for a wpa password for a router you dont know.I just dont see this working well. This pineapple can do all of this and more.

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I don't know why that tool has even gotten press coverage. Its nothing new at all and (expresses other feelings here that will be left for IRC)

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If you really want to do some serious Wifi hacking try LINSET.

What Linset does:

  • Will Deauth the target AP.
  • Pretend to be the Target AP.
  • OBLIGATE the victim to enter there AP's password.
  • IF the the victim enters a false password Linset will not grant the victim internet access until the correct password is givin.

This would be an AMAZING challenge & feature for MKV.

Btw, I've tried Linset and I could assure that it really works.

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Hey Cheeto I went on a rampage getting Linset installed because the idea is perfect.

However, when running Linset do the clients automatically connect to you?

I have ran Linset and I can never get it to automatically connect clients to the AP. I can obviously manually connect my labtops, but it doesn't force them to connect automatically.

Just curious because all the tutorials I have seen clients connect automatically.


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Honestly i don't recall. I think some devices might connect automatically because you are broadcasting the same ssid and I would assume the same mac.

On the other hand, they may not connect because although you're sending out the same ssid and mac, you're broadcasting an OPEN hotspot rather than an encrypted WPA2.

Linset, is clearly the best in its class. Having something like Linset on a Pineapple would be a milestone.


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