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Drive mapping samba nfs


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I have been having a tough time setting my share drives up from my Ubuntu server. I see my machine I click on it in network neighborhood. It asks me for a password I try my user PW no good. I don't have a smb PW set. I try to set one for my user I'd no dice. I was thinking about a NFS server setup. Short story long mapping NFS to a drive or NFS period is not available in win7 pro or 8.1. Is there commercial NFS client. Last post this year.

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Personal experience:

After a server restart, no client would connect successfully. Restart samba on the server and one of the two processes turns out to have died on me or not come up at all. Nothing in the logs, no clue as to what the issue is. Once restarted I connect without a hitch and the connection remains fine even after several client restarts. Never bothered me enough to look into it (it's a server after all, I don't restart it particularly often) but maybe something to consider. All my accounts had passwords setup. Sometimes really stupid passwords (mplayer/mplayer) but passwords nonetheless.

I don't like NFS. I'd prefer NFS4 but the dependencies there were so many it just put me off. Setting up Samba was, comparatively, a breeze.

NFS client option: NekoDrive

According to this NFS client support is in Win7 Pro and up. Just not installed by default (of course).

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For security reasons, I disable all file sharing features on my windows machines and just use FileZilla when I need to get something off windows and WinSCP when logging into *nix machines. May sound like the long way around, but if you're uBuntu machine has SSH installed, setup an SCP client on your other machines and move files over SCP. Encrypted, and if port forwarded from the internet, you can access your files securely from anywhere so long as you have an sFTP or SCP client at the other end.

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Not sure what to say then. If the SMB share is setup properly, either the client end doesn't like the security of the connection or something else is not setup correctly.

First link on google though "map a drive in windows 7":


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