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Management SSID in 2.x broken?


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Uncheck the "disabled" box for the "management" wlan0-1 and can ANYONE connect to wlan0-1?!? Becoming increasingly frusterated that this device at this revision level still seems like such a pain and so flaky. Can anyone confirm this works or whether it is, as I suspect, completely utterly broken in v2 of firmware?

Even upon resetting all wireless to defaults bringing back default SSID's for AP.....if ALL I do is uncheck the disable box for mgmt and set a 8 char password and reboot sure enough I can see the SSID being broadcast, and no matter what I cannot connect to it successfully.

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Sure will pull it and post. I just want to actually enable and use the WPA2 protected management AP on WLAN0-1 and even though it can be seen no matter what password is set, a client cannot successfully connect to it to manage the MKV. It attempts connection and fails almost as if the pwd is not being accepted. I tried multiple resets of the wifi to defaults and reboots of the MKV I'm just curious it seems most do not actually use it and since it looks like the WLAN0-1 is now a new feature of 2.11 whether people are successfully connecting and managing their MKV specifically on that secure AP.

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