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Passworded RAR


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Advanced RAR Password Recovery http://www.elcomsoft.com/arpr.html

That's what I used in the past. If you have some idea of what password is, like if it's a word and not just random numbers and letters, and how long it is, you can get it done fairly quickly.

It cost $30USD, I'm not sure what the trial limits are.

They also have one for ZIP files, which for me I found worked much faster but it only does ZIPs.

If you got this via torrent, usually there is 2 ways to get the password.

1. If there is a web address in the file name; eg: www.joeblow.com then that is the password.

2. There is either a text that is not encrypted within the RAR file or the text file is just part of the set of files and not within that RAR itself.

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hah dood i know exactly what u dled u downloaded sum warez from a forum board dont try to deny it lol :wink:

Who gives a crap? NO ONE CARES ABOUT WAREZ AS LONG AS YOUR NOT BEING BLATANT ABOUT IT. Its the difference between posting "I'm having trouble with mounting filename.iso" and "I'm having trouble with mounting GTA3_warez.com.iso".

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