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Pineapple MK5 network cable unplugged...


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Just recieved my pineapple mk5, configured internet sharing with my wireless as internet facing, setup ip info in my ethernet connection , windows 7 computer, plugin pineapple to computer, plugin pineapple to power, my ethernet adapter flickers between network cable unplugged and identifying... for the first 30 seconds or so of the boot process, after which the pineapple has green and blue leds on steady, and ethernet adapter on computer shows network cable unplugged...

when i recieved the pineapple dip switch configuration was 11111, so i left it that way since there were no instructions regarding dip switch config for first boot.

I have since tried placing the dips in 10011, and 11110, rebooting, waiting 10 minutes each time, still "Network cable unplugged" on my ethernet adapter...

What can I try to do to fix this? is this a common issue? I tried searching but couldnt find any info regarding computer displaying network cable unplugged when connected to pineapple.

Any help would be greatly apreciated

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Do the lights on the MK V come on at all? If so, use a wireless device and you should see a wireless network, "pineapple_" with 4 hex digits after the underscore. You can use this network to set it up. If you insist on using wired network (I don't blame you if you do, I did.) refer to below.

I'm assuming you're using windows due to the terminology you used. Have you set up ICS to the Pineapple on the interface you plugged it into? If not, please refer to this guide.

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I had the same issue today. I just got the pineapple for christmas and couldnt get it to work. I finally realized i was using the battery pack charger and not the pineapple charger. They have different voltages so that would explain why it wasnt working. Hope this helps

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