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Use ALFA AWUS036NEH for Dogma and Beacon Response


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I would like to use Pineapple with my Android Samsung Smartphone (via mobile wlan hotspot). So when I get the concept right, WLAN0 can be used to connect from foreign devices with Pineapple and WLAN1 will be used to connect to my Smartphone (to enable online connection).

I would also like to use Dogma and and Beacon Response, but this would lead to a conflict with WLAN1 because WLAN1 is also used for this functionality.

I also have the ALFA AWUS036NEH. Can I connect this antenna and configure Dogma and Beacon to use this device? If so how can I tell Dogma and Beacon not to use WLAN1 but the third antenna?

Thank you.


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Ok, the AWUS036NEH adapter is recognized by my WiFi Pineapple as WLAN2, so I would program the corresponding DIP switch in this way:

ifconfig wlan1 up; ifconfig wlan2 up; pineapple infusion pineap start; pineapple infusion pineap dogma start; pineapple infusion pineap responder start; pineapple infusion pineap harvester start

(comment: I use for dogma, responder and harvester the "start" parameter, as in another DIP configuration I want to disable these options via "stop").

Will this work?

And how do I tell the Pineapple that WLAN2 should always be used for Client mode (I mean where do I specify the WPA data, like SSID, password ....)? Or will the WIFI configuration be saved once I have set it up in the GUI`?

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